Alexander Rush

Mountain Man with a Greatsword


Two Handed Fighter-Alexander Rush
BAB: 15
Fort: +9 Ref: +5 Will: +5

Str: 22
Dex: 17
Con: 16
Int: 13
Wis: 13
Cha: 13

Class Features:
Shattering Strike: 4 on CMB and CMD for sunder attempts and damage rolls vs. objects
Overhand Chop: Whenever he makes a single atk either via the attack action or a charge w/ a two handed weapon he adds double his str bonus.
Weapon Training: +3/
2/+1 to CMD, CMB, atk, and dmg rolls for Blades, Heavy/Pole Arms/Axes
Backswing: Adds double his str bonus on damage rolls after the first attack of a full attack action.
Piledriver: As a standard action he can make a single melee atk. If it hits he can then make a bull rush or trip attempt that does nto provoke an attack of opportunity.
Greater Power Attack: Whenever he uses power attack w/ a two handed weapon the damage bonus from power attack is doubled.

0: Skill Focus-Survival-6 on Survival checks.
1: Power Attack-May reduce your following attack rolls by 4 and gain 8 on the damage rolls, 16 w/ a two handed weapon w/ Greater Power Attack.
H: Cleave-May, as a standard action, make an attack at full BAB and if that hits make another attack at an enemy adjacent to the first at full BAB. Suffer a 2 to AC until next turn.
F: Quick Draw-May draw a weapon as part of an attack as a free action.
2:Improved Sunder
2 on sunder attempts, 2 to CMD when defending against a sundering attempt, and may sunder w/out provoking an attack of opportunity.
2: Intimidating Prowess-Add Str mod to intimidation checks.
3:Weapon Focus(Greatsword)-
1 on attack rolls w/ greatswords
4: Step Up-May make a five foot step to chase an enemy who makes a five foot step out of range. May not take a five foot step on turn.
5:Following Step-May move up to ten feet to chase a foe, lose no movement on following turn.
6: Step up and Strike-May make a single melee attack as an attack of opportunity when chasing a foe with step up or following step.
6: Weapon Specialization(Greatsword)-2 on dmg w/ greatswords.
7:Great Cleave-As Cleave, but continue until you miss or have hit all enemies w/in reach.
8:Greater Weapon Focus (Greatsword)-An additional +1 on atk rolls w/greatswords.
9: Greater Sunder-Gain an additional +2 on Sunder attempts and excess damage is applied to the wielder.
10: Improved Critical(Great Sword)-Doubles the threat range of a greatsword.
10: Leadership(Barbarians)-
11: Critical Focus-
4 to confirm criticals.
12: Penetrating Strike-Ignore 5 points of DR.
13:Greater Weapon Specialization(Greatsword)-2 to weapon dmg w/ a greatsword, stacks w/ wpn spec.
14: Staggering Critical-May cause foe to become staggered* for 1d4
1 rounds unless they succeed on a DC 25 fort save.
14: Bleeding Critical-May cause foe to begin bleeding for 2d6 points of damage/round.
15: Combat Reflexes-May make dex mod extra attacks of opportunity each round.
Master of Cleaving: Whirlwind Attack-May, as a full round action, make a melee attack against all adjacent foes.
Fights against rock throwing giants regularly: Rock Cutting-Once per round, may make a reflex save to cut an incoming rock in half, thus preventing it from dealing damage, may be used to damage nearby enemies if dramatically appropriate. DC 15 for small rocks, 20 for medium, 25 for large.
Frost Giant Kin-Has embraced his frost giant heritage and his skin has adapted to help him survive skirmishes with frost giants granting him +3 AC.

*Staggered: May only take a standard or a move action, not both, and not full round actions on it’s turn.


Alex’s grandfather is a full blooded Frost Giant, albeit a small one. And that fact has always been apparent, but Alex grew up in the mountains and lived amongst less civilized folk who value might far more than whatever a person’s history might be. He was always been bigger and stronger than the other kids and often made it a point to make sure they didn’t forget it. But he was just as much in a hurry to make sure the troll next door knew it too when it decided to turn the village into a buffet. When the other villagers ran Alexander stood his ground. He was doing well until the troll wouldn’t stay down. A traveling sorceress, Colleen, happened to be passing by and helped him finish the beast off. In exchange for a modest sum of gold pieces Colleen agreed to let Alex take full credit for the troll slaying and was on her way before the other villagers returned.

He found a map to a treasure trove amongst the troll’s belongings and followed it, he found no treasure but he did find a black dragon which led to his meeting with Stormfall. As a fellow outcast of sorts he felt a kinship with Stormfall and would go with him when he departed from the Dwarves. Rush ran into Colleen again while Stormfall was receiving his training and the two of them, along with a ranger called Maverick Wingover, engaged in mercenary work together until Stormfall’s training was complete. At which time Wingover and Colleen left to travel the planes and Alex, Derrick, and Derrick’s apprentice Fitch left to do Iomedae’s will. After the events w/Master Zyfram Rush traveled to find his grandfather in the frozen mountains w/ help from Wingover.

Alexander Rush

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