Cross Evenstar

Archmagi of Defensive Magics-Teacher at the Wizard's school


Wizard/Abjuration-Cross Evenstar
BAB: +7
Fort: +5 Ref: +5 Will: +9

Str: 11
Dex: 18
Con: 16
Int: 23
Wis: 13
Cha: 16

Class Features
Arcane Bond:
Cantrips: 0-level spells that are not used up when cast. A cantrip from a prohibited school uses up 2 slots.
Arcane School: Receives an additional spell slot of the abjuration school of every spell level each day. Preparing a spell from a prohibited school uses up an extra spell slot.
Prohibited Schools: Conjuration and Necromancy
Abjuration School
Resitance: Gain resistance 10 towards an energy type chosen when you prepare your spells.
Protective Ward: As a standard action he can create a 10 foot radius field of protective magic that lasts for a number of rounds equal to your intelligence mod. All allies recieve a 3 to their AC while within the field. This power can be used a number of times equal to 3Int mod.
Energy Absorption: Absorb the first 45 points of energy damage each day. Apply any resistances or immunities first.

Spells Known
All Abjuration spells up to 8th level.
All first and second level spells, excluding Necromancy and Conjuration.
3: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Daylight, Fireball, Heroism, Hydraulic Torrent, Invisibility Sphere, Lightning Bolt
4: Animate Dead(Necromancy), Scrying, Summon Monster IV, Wall of Ice
5: Hold Monster, Permanency, Symbol of Sleep, Wall of Force
6: Chain Lightning, Stone to Flesh, Move Earth, True Seeing
7: Control Weather, Force Cage, Firebrand, Rampart
8: Binding, Iron Body, Seamantle, Sunburst

0: Skill Focus-Perception- 6 on Perception checks
H: Improved Initiative- +4 on Initiative
1:Combat Casting- +4 on concentration checks made when casting on the defensive*.
2: Fleet- +5ft to base land speed
3: Improved Counterspell- May counterspell w/ a spell from the same school that is at least 1 level higher.
5: Spell Penetration- +2 on attempts to beat SR
W: Disruptive Spell-those affecte by a disruptive spell must make a concentration check to use a spell or spell-like ability for 1 round. The DC of this save is equal to the save DC of the disruptive spell, plus the spell level of the spell they’re trying to cast. This ups the spell slot used by 1.
6: Greater Spell Penetration- An additional +2 to beat SR.
7: Selective Spell-May select up to Int mod targets in the area of the spell to not be affected by it. Ups the spell slot req. by 1.
9: Widen Spell- Doubles the area of effect of a spell.
10: Arcane Shield-May sacrifice a prepared spell to gain a bonus to AC==to it’s spell level.
W: Reach Spell-Increase the range of he spell by 1 category/range increment*.
11: Intensified Spell-Increases the maximum damage dice of the spell by 5. Ups the spell slot by one level.
13: Heighten Spell-Actually increases the spell level of the spell, unlike other metamagic feats.
14: Maximize Spell-The damage dice are not rolled, but deal max damage. Increases the spell slot needed to cast the spell by 3.
15: Empower Spell-Spell’s effects increase by 50%. Up the spell slot required by 2.
W: Parry Spell-Whenever he successfully counters a spell he can turn it back on it’s caster.
Teacher of magic: Merciful Spell-Spell deals nonlethal damage.
Teacher: Skill Focus-Occupation(Teaching)- +3 on skill checks
Archmage: Arcane Blast-May convert any 1st level or higher prepared spell into a ray touch attack w/ a range of 30ft that deals 2d6
1d6/spell level.
*Casting on the defensive- Casting does not provoke an opportunity attack, but must make a DC 15+twice the spell’s level Concentration check.
*Range Increments- Touch-Affects a creature you touch. Can crit on a natural 20. Can be given a range by Reach Spell., Close-Range of 25ft+5/2 caster levels, Medium-Range of 100ft+10/caster level, Long-Range of 400ft+40/caster level.


Cross grew up in a small hamlet near the Elven border with his friend Maverick Wingover. Both had an interest in magic, but while Wingover liked magic and what he could potentially do with it Cross loved magic. Together they ventured into the Elven lands and were quickly picked up by a group of Elven rangers. The elves escorted the pair back home the first time, and the second time, eventually through sheer persistence Maverick and Cross were allowed to see elven society. Cross became apprentice to an elf wizard who took him to the Crestfall magic school.

One day when Cross tried to learn a summoning spell he accidentally summoned Maverick, Colleen, and several elementals. This event coincided with Master Zyfram’s coup of the school. After the trio finished off the elementals and were about to have a very touching reunion. Cross’s master teleported the three of them, and several other apprentices, away from the school to a nearby temple to Iomedae where Cross met Rush, Fitch, and Stormfall. While the clerics were busy trying to get in touch with others and establish a proper response Cross wanted to hurry back and try to save his master. Fitch was eager to get into battle, as was Rush, Stormfall urged caution and suggested they wait for the Cleric’s to make a decision, but Maverick supported Cross, and Colleen suggested they wait one day to recuperate and be ready to go at Zyfram fully prepared given that he had taken over the school so rapidly. In the end they went with Colleen’s plan.

Between Colleen and Rush they cleared a path through the undead outside the main gate and burst through the front door. They made it to the great hall where Zyfram had stationed several apprentices that had turned to his side. Cross and Stormfall kept them at bay while Fitch and Rush dealt with them. Colleen was on crowd control, keeping the undead from swarming them. To keep the undead at bay while the others went to the headmaster’s office to deal with Zyfram Colleen and Wingover stayed behind, ultimately they would be overwhelmed and Maverick was forced to transport himself to another plane to survive after Colleen was killed, but the two managed to buy enough time for the others to succeed in stopping Zyfram.

After Zyfram was slain, several of the professors of the academy were freed from a mind altering effect Zyfram had put them under, Cross’s master amongst them and he took up the post of headmaster at the request of the other professors. Once the funerals for Fitch and Colleen were over with, Cross took up a now vacant post as a teacher of basic magic for young apprentices.

Cross Evenstar

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