Derrick Stormfall

Stalwart Paladin


BAB +15
Fort: +9 Ref: +5 Will: +9

Str: 16
Dex: 14
Con: 22
Int: 13
Wis: 14
Cha: 17

Class Features
Aura of good: Gives off an aura of good
Detect Evil: At-will, as the spell.
Smite Evil 5/day: As a swift action, he gains his Cha bonus to atk rolls made against the target of the smite, deals extra damage equal to his level to the target and double that against evil outsiders, dragons, and undead. Gains his Cha bonus to his AC against attacks from the target.
Dvine Grace: Gains Cha bonus to saving throws.
Lay on hands: Can heal or deal 7d6 points of damage to a living or undead target respectively. Can utilize it 7+Cha bonus times/day.
Aura of Courage: While conscious he is immune to fear and each ally w/in 10 feet gains a +4 morale bonus against fear.
Divine Health: He’s immune to disease.
Channel Positive Energy: Use up 2 uses of Lay on Hands to use Channel Positive Energy as a Cleric of the paladin’s level.
Divine Bond: Weapon Enhancement
Aura of Resolve: Immune to Charm spells and allies gain a +4 on saving throws against them.
Aura of Justice: As a free action, he may expend 2 uses of Smite evil to grant allies w/in 10 feet to smite evil using his bonuses, it must be used by the start of his next turn.
Aura of Faith: His weapons are considered good aligned and and all attacks made against enemies w/in 10 feet of him are also treated as good for overcoming DR.


0: Skill Focus-Perception-6 on perception checks
H: Endurance-
4 on most checks to avoid nonlethal damage
1: Diehard- Automatically stabilizes at negative hp. May take a single action each round as if disabled,anything more strenuous than a move action causes 1 point of damage upon completion.
2: Fight On-Gain temporary hp=to his Con mod when dropped to 0 hp or less once per day.
3:Shield Focus-1 to AC from a shield
5:Tower Shield Proficiency-Proficient w/ tower shields
1 hp/level
7:Greater Shield Focus-1 to AC from a shield, stacks with Shield focus
9:Saving Shield-May grant an adjacent ally a +2 shield bonus as an immediate action.
10:Missile Shield-May deflect 1 incoming missile attack/round that would otherwise hit you.
11:Covering Defense-When using total defense he may grant his shield bonus as a cover bonus to an adjacent ally.
13:Combat Reflexes-May make a number of attacks of opportunity/round equal to your dex bonus
14:Bodyguard-May use an AoO to use the aid another action to grant a 2 to an adjacent ally’s AC.
15:In Harm’s Way-When using Aid another to boost an ally’s AC, if an attack would hit him/her Derrick may take the blow instead.
Lived Amongst Dwarves: Great Fortitude-
2 on fort saves
Has fought underground a lot: Blind Fight-May reroll the percentile to see if your attack missed a target w/ concealment. Can move full speed while blinded, and invisible attacker’s get no bonuses against him in melee.
Renowned in his order: Leadership-Has followers.


He grew up in a dwarven mine, his parents had become indebted to a dwarven jeweler and they indentured him to cover their debt. Derrick holds no ill will towards his parents for this, for he knows that it was the will of his goddess Iomedae. She came to him in a dream the night before he left his home and again years later, calling him to battle in defense of his dwarven family against a vampire’s undead minions. The tale goes that he held off the hordes of undead at a single narrow tunnel until the vampire himself arrived, at which time he collapsed the tunnel upon him and when the creature dug itself out it found dawn’s light waiting to greet it.

Sir Stormfall met Sir Rush when the latter was forced back into the mouth of a dwarven tunnel by a young red dragon. Stormfall drew the beast’s attention and held it at bay with his shield while Rush finished it with his blade. The two followed the beast’s trail to it’s lair and found it’s mother waiting. Rush gathered his larger, Giant, cousins and they slew the beast and plundered her trove. As they were the ones to find it Derrick and Alexander were allowed first pickings. And that is where Derrick found Rho Ais.

The two became fast friends and set off. Derrick visited a temple of Iomedae to receive guidance and become trained to better serve her. He found himself called by her once again to defeat Master Zyfram after the Necromancer took control of the wizard’s school. Fitch was a younger member of the order and tagged along with Derrick and Rush, in the end Fitch was slain by Zyfram, but he provided the opening Rush and the others needed to win victory that day. Derrick blames himself for Fitch’s death and seeks atonement. He spent a year traveling the world on his own seeking that, but found it naught. He prays that defeating Lord Kitten Mittens will give him the atonement he seeks.

Derrick Stormfall

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