Maverick Wingover

Planeswalking Ranger


Ranger/Infiltrator/Archer- Maverick Wingover
Fort: +9 Ref: +9 Will: +5

Str: 18
Dex: 20
Con: 14
Int: 13
Wis: 13
Cha: 13

Class Features
Favored Enemy: +2 on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, Sense Motive, Survival, and Knowledge checks against and about creatures of that type. Receives a +2 bonus on weapon attack and damage rolls against them.
Track: Add 1/2 the ranger’s level on survival skill checks to follow or ID tracks.
Wild Empathy: Improves the initial attitude of an animal towards the ranger.
Endurance: Gained as a bonus Feat
Hunter’s Bond: Grants allies w/in 30 feet half his favored enemy bonus for a number of rounds equal to his wisdom modifier.
Woodland Stride: Can move through any sort of undergrowth without suffering slowed movement or damage.
Swift Tracker: Takes no penalty to track at normal speed and takes only a -10 track while moving at double normal speed.
Evasion: Take no damage on a successful reflex save to half damage.
Quarry: Can designate one target as quarry, can take 10 on survival checks while moving at normal speed, without penalty to track. Gains a +2 bonus on attack rolls and all critical threats are automatically confirmed. The target must be a favored enemy type.
Camouflage: Can use stealth to hide in any favored terrain even without cover.

Favored Enemy

Orc Ferocity-Can take 1 move or standard action after falling to or below 0 hit points
Lightning Reflexes
Energy Resistance 5(Fire)
Energy Resistance 5(Cold)

0: Skill Focus-Knowledge(Planes)- +6 on Knowledge checks.
H: Point Blank Shot- +1 on attacks w/in 30ft.
1: Shot on the Run- May make a single attack during a move action.
B: Far Shot-Reduce range penalties by half.
2: Precise Shot- Can fire into melee without suffering penalties or risking hitting an ally.
3: Fleet- +5 base land speed
5: Fleet- +5 base land speed
B: Improved Precise Shot- Ignore cover bonus to AC of targets with anything less than total concealment.
6: Quick Draw- May draw his weapon as part of an attack.
7: Vital Strike- As a standard action, roll the damage die twice for a single attack.
9: Parting Shot- May make a single attack when withdrawing.
B: Pinpoint Targeting- As a standard action, you ignore any armor, natural armor, or shield bonuses the target would otherwise get to AC for a single attack. He may not move this turn.
10: Weapon Focus(Composite Longbow)- + Accuracy with Composite Longbow
11: Run-Can move at 5 times his base land speed when running and suffers no penalties to AC for it.
13: Improved Vital Strike- As a standard action, roll the damage die three times and add them together for a single attack.
14: Improved Critical(Composite Longbow)-Double the threat range of composite longbows.
B: Manyshot- The first shot in a full round action of attacks fires two arrows.
15: Critical Focus- +4 on confirming a critical.
Trained with elves: Nimble Moves- Ignore 5ft of difficult terrain.
Trained with elves: Acrobatic Steps- Ignore 20ft of difficult terrain.
Spends an extended period of time on hostile planes: Extend Spell-Doubles the duration of a spell, raises the required spell slot by one.


Wingover grew up with Cross and apprenticed himself to an elven ranger. So that he wouldn’t slow the others down, or get anyone else killed, the elves had Wingover’s eyes replaced with the eyes of a recently slain elf. His squad was stationed at a town that was often harassed by a band of orcs. One day on patrol he discovered some strange tracks. He followed them to the orc encampment and saw that they had gotten their hands on several young green dragons. What had started out as a mild nuisance to the elves might actually become a problem if they managed to get control of the dragons. His team sent a runner to get help and began guerrilla warfare on the orcs to delay them as much as possible. After the orcs had been run off from the area Wingover’s squad was sent to discover how the orcs had gotten the dragons and deal with it. This eventually led Wingover to hunt some larger dragons and amongst their troves he found an amulet that would take him, and those in contact with him, to other planes. The first was the plane of fire. He barely managed to survive the week there his first trip, but was thrilled by it. Rather than returning to the elves he found some other like minded people and began exploring the planes.

He had grown attached to one such person, Colleen, and the two of them helped Maverick’s old friend Cross to put an end to Master Zyfram. When Maverick returned to the material plane he found himself interrupting his own funeral. He wanted to leave the school as quickly as possible, so he paid his respects to Colleen and left with Rush. It would take some time for Maverick to again begin venturing to other planes.

Maverick Wingover

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